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Short video clips explaining OLI software features

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OLI Studio: How to...



Titrate a stream, starting with a water sample

​How to setup a titration in the Studio with a seawater water sample using calcium oxide solid as a titrant


Setup a standard object  

​How to setup a standard object that can be used in many Studio files.

How to save a DBS file created by OLI Studio

Instead of the OLI Chemsitry Wizard, you can use OLI Studo to create model files for Alliance Partners.

How to add Reaction Kinetics to OLI Studio

Some reactions are not at equilibrium. This video shows you how to add time-based equations.

How to create custom calculations

OLI Studio allows for more advanced calculations. This video shows you how to create custom calculations.

Water Analysis in OLI Studio

How to create and reconcile water samples (analysis) in OLI Studio


OLI Flowsheet: How to...

How to Copy and Paste a Stream into OLI Flowsheet

You can copy an object from OLI Studio directly into OLI Flowsheet. You can also update an object prevoiusly copied.

OLI Engine: How to...

Unisim Design: Enable SRK-MSE

How to enable SRK-MSE in the OLI Engine for Unisim Design (version 9.6 or later) ​


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